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How to order 3D picture.

1. The choice of place / location for 3D picture:


3д рисунки на улице


3d graffiti

2. Selection of viewpoint for 3D picture:

One of the most important things is the point of view. Orientation to the spectators depends on this point.

3д рисунки на улице
3д рисунки на улице

3. Choice of lifespan for 3D picture:

1-2 days (non-waterproof color and chlak). If you have rental place for event and you must give it back in the initial state.

3-4 mounth (until autumn). Rain and snow wash out the 3D image and in the spring it will completely disappear.


2 years.  In this case, we use nitro paint which does not fade and resistant to precipitation.


to 10 yaers. Independent surface or stand gives you the ability to save 3D image after the event and use it many times.

Possible surface:

Possible surface:

- Asphalt or paving stones. This is a classic surface for 3D drawing;

- Vinyl sticker. Is very useful in shops and shopping plaza. Used only one time and not reuseble.

- Canvas. Reusable, rolled up;

- Plywood. Reusable, folded sheets;

- Stand. Reusable, collapsible design.

4. Potential sizes for 3D drawing:  

10-12 кв.м. = The minimum size.

30-45 кв.м.Effective size.   

The purpose of the event and the idea often suggest (dictates) the size for 3D picture.

5. The choice of the plot or theme.


3D drawings on the theme of the free or commercial use (adding logos and symbols) have different costs.


Example of commercial themes:

3д рисунки на улице

Free theme implies format of cooperation / collaboration with us. When you have an interesting place and you want to add it to the attention.


Commercial theme for 3D picture implies that you need to attract attention of / advertise the product or company.

Example of free themes:

3д рисунки на улице
 A few facts about 3D painting and work process

- 3D drawings are photographed and look with just one point. This is due to the design of the picture and the presence of the effect of "parallel reality";


- To make an interactive 3D picture in which there is a place for the person requires a minimum of 10-12 sq.m. Otherwise, the human in the photo will look out of proportion;


- Time
 1. First pensil sketches and concepts ( 3 version ) = 10 days.

 2. To finalize the selected version = 5 days. 

 3. To create 3d grid  = 2 days. 

- Generally we need 4 days to make 3d picture with size 30 sq.m.


When you got to know that the coordination process could be delayed - consider this moment and take more time for sketches works.


 MILESTONES. 3D drawing  

1. You send us technical task, which contains:

- aim of the drawing and the content

- deadline dates of the 3d drawing or event

- rough sizes of the 3d drawing

- examples of the pictures which you have liked from Internet or from our portfolio

- your idea or description about you own view of the 3d drawing



2. We count the costs and Completion dates of the job



3. We coordinate all the questions and sign the contract.

Payment is diveded on 3 stages:

1. Prepayment 50% for the sketches

2. Final payment for the sketches

+ Prepayment 50% for the projects realization

3. Final payment for the realization.



4. We start our work with pencil concepts, 3 examples for each painting. Then we send to you for the agreement and choosing the main direction.

Make changes and finalizing selected sketch with pencil.

After accepting the pencil sketch we start to make colorful one. And again send it to you for the agreement.

Make changes and approve the main sketch.



5. We plan the logistic and go to the place to create the 3d drawing.

In average it takes aroung 3-4 days to create the drawing.



6. We finish the drawing and start to take pictures with visitors, who always want to. In the same day we sign the record of acceptance.



7. Good mood and photos are from us!


 color design 

 final result 

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